<b>Help the Children</b> - Create a home where abused and unwanted children can grow up feeling loved and accepted in a secure and stable environment.

Help the Children

Bethel Orphanage is truly a house of hope for over 100 children abandoned by or taken from their families.

Director Josefina Valencia has been sharing the love of God and caring for the little ones brought to her for over 30 years. Please help get involved in all the amazing things that are taking place at Bethel Orphanage.

    Learn more about Bethel Orphanage, and why we do what we do.  Many kids have been […]



    Please take time to donate to our cause.  Any amount helps us provide for these kids, […]

    Contact us for ways to help.  We need all the help we can get to provide […]

    Check out pictures of our youth and the facility.  They are the sweetest kids you have […]


Donate what you can to help

Your tax-free donation helps us clothe, feed, provide utilities, and educate the children at Bethel Orphanage.